·       The Keys to retaining employees & keeping customers coming back

·       Telephone Impressions and Face-to-Face Communication Skills

·       Maintaining Focus & Perspective in Stressful Job Environments         
… minimizing “Burn-Out” while maintaining & enhancing performance

·       Protecting and Nurturing Valuable Relationships in Your Life

·       Back to the Basics; Effective Tools for the Sales Professional

·       Delivering Exceptional Customer Service
to Enhance Your Business Profitability

·       Managing and Motivating People

·       Fun at work…WORKS!

Several individual seminar themes can be combined if desired, and seminars can also be scheduled in conjunction with other speaking or consultation services, resulting in a solution tailor-made for your company’s needs.   Our in-house “Business Assessments” can be conducted in the morning with the findings used to emphasize salient portions of an afternoon seminar presented the same day.